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Fix Cydia Error “Could Not Open File /var/lib/dpkg/status” on iOS 10 Jailbreak Device

Fix Cydia Error “Could Not Open File /var/lib/dpkg/status” on iOS 10 Jailbreak Device

Are you often getting “Could Not Open File /var/lib/dpkg/status” error on your jailbroken ios device? If so, we will help you fix this error forever. If I’m correct This error occurs often after installing the latest unstable version of Yalu Jailbreak for iOS 10 and above. The most recent version of Yalu Jailbreak is in its beta form and have several bugs to be fixed. The developers have already mentioned about its unstableness and risks involved in the installation. We recommend users to wait for an official release of ios 10 jailbreaks.

Could Not Open File /var/lib/dpkg/status error hinders you to download tweaks and applications through Cydia Sources.  If you’re facing this error, then you’ve come to the right place as we will show you how to fix this issue with ease.

How to Fix “Could Not Open File /var/lib/dpkg/status” Cydia Error

  • Download necessary tools and tweaks before starting the process. You can use the links given below for downloading the necessary tools.
  • Download iFunBox for Windows or Mac. Next, download the necessary “Cydia Fix” files from here and unzip it. Finally, you need the Cydia Impactor tool which can be downloaded from
  • Once you have downloaded all the necessary tools, we are ready to go. Connect your jailbroken iOS device to you mac/windows pc through USB and then open up iFunbox on your computer.
  • Look for books in the sidebar of iFunbox.
  • Now from the Cydia fix folder, drag “lib” folder to the iBooks directory in iFunBox and drop it there.

  • Now Open Cydia Impactor and make sure the same have detected your mobile.
  • Drag and drop MobileTerminal.ipa file from the “Cydia Fix” folder onto Cydia Impactor.
  • Cydia Impactor will ask your Apple ID and password. Enter the necessary details and wait for the installation to complete.
  • Soon after the process, you should see Mobile terminal app on your mobile home screen.  Now Go to Settings -> General -> Profiles & Device Management. Now make the application trusted.
  • Run Mobile terminal app on your mobile.
  • A command line interface will be displayed in your mobile screen. Type in the following commands, pressing Enter/Return after each line:

    cp -R /var/mobile/Media/Books/lib /var
    mkdir /var/log/apt

  • Once you have entered all the necessary commands, reboot your device.Launch Cydia on your Jailbroken iOS. Now The error “Could Not Open File /var/lib/dpkg/status”won’t bother you if you have followed the steps closely.

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Install iFile ipa on iOS Devices without Jailbreak

Install iFile ipa on iOS Devices without Jailbreak

It is not so easy to go through your files without FileManager right, well then iOS devices don’t have one. Till date, I haven’t seen any working file manager for it. On the other hand, Android are surplus with different types of file managers. Well, it’s the one reason why people stay away from Apple devices. Surprise ! Surprise ! You don’t have to say no to iOS devices for this simple reason. We in here have found a working iPhone Filemanager which doesn’t need tweaks on your OS. iFile manager is simply the best file manager which are available on iOS 8/9/ and 10. Before getting into the installation guide, let me walk through the essential features of iFile manager.

Features of iFile Manager

Are you looking for reasons to download and install iFile Manager? Well then, we will have few for you. Check out some of the unique features of iFile which aren’t discussed anywhere else. iFile can do a lot of things which their counterparts can’t do.

Some of the few things which can be done using iFile are listed below

  • Edit System Files
  • Export App data
  • Install applications downloaded from the internet
  • Zip/unzip files and more.

I guess it’s time to discuss on how to install iFile ipa on iOS devices without Jailbreak.

Follow the below-mentioned steps closely for having a clean install of IPA files on your device. Installing IPA files on your own may cause things messy, so please follow this guide before do it. If you are facing any issues while doing the procedure, feel free to contact us.

  1. Firstly download the ipa files on your computer. Download IPA files from here.
  2. For the second step, you need Cydia Impactor. Download Cydia Impactor from Here. Go through our post on step by step guide to install Cydia Impactor before installing it.
  3. Unzip and Install Cydia Impactor as per our guide.
  4. Run Cydia Impactor on your Computer.
  5. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer.
  6. Connect your ios device to your PC.
  7. Next, you need to drag and drop the “iFile.Ipa” file into the Cydia Impactor application.
  8. Log into your iTunes account with your unique username and password.
  9. Once you entered them both, you have successfully installed iFile without jailbreak on iPhone.
  10. Give some time to install the application on your ios device.
  11. Now head to Settings, >> General >> Profiles and Device management.
  12. You will find your Apple Id, Click on it and Tap on trust.

Now your iOS 10 device is entirely eligible to use iFile manager. I hope you’ll love reading the article. Feel free to share your views and doubts under the comment section. We will make sure that every question asked down here are looked upon. Subscribe us and stay tuned for further updates on iOS and Cydia Tweaks.

Download & Install Sinful iPhone Repo

Download & Install Sinful iPhone Repo

Are you searching for a detailed guide on How to download and install Sinful repo? Then, you have reached the exact place, in here we discuss everything related Cydia Sources and tweaks. Today we will be providing a detailed guide on how to install Sinful repo service without any issues. Sinful repo services help you to download thousands of paid applications for free. Well, installing Sinful repo to Cydia Source is not a difficult task if you have a well-explained guide. Before getting started, let me explain a bit on Cydia Sources.

The jailbreak community is booming day by day so as the Sinful Repo users. Soon after the release of Yalu Jailbreak for iOS 10.2, Sinful developers are working hard to deliver the latest edition of the repo. Currently, Sinful repo works only with iOS 8, and 9. Well, let’s now check out how to install and download sinful iPhone repo.

Before downloading Sinful make sure your iOS device is jailbroken. If not, it will not work. I won’t recommend jailbreaking your iOS device for the sake of Sinful or other applications. There is a certain level of risk involved in the process of Jailbreaking. Here are the most important steps for downloading and installing sinful iPhone repo.

Download and Install Sinful iPhone Repo

  1. Make sure that you are using a Jailbroken device with Cydia installed on it.
  2. Go for “Cydia” application on your iOS device.
  3. Click on“Manage>>Sources“.
  4. Now you will be able see the list of sources installed on your device. Tap on “Edit>>Add“.
  5. Now you can add “Sinful iPhone Repo Source Url” which is “” in the URL field and tap on “Add“.
  6. You may get several warnings, Ignore them and press “Add Anyway“. Cracked Cydia Sources for iOS 7 & 8,Download & Install Sinful iPhone Repo
  7. Cydia will download the “Sinful Source” onto your device which may take a while.

I hope you all loved reading our hands on guide on how to install sinful iphone repo on your jailbroken iOS device. Still having doubts ? Shoot a message under the comment section, we will reach you asap. Subscribe us and stay tuned for further updates on latest Cydia Tweaks.

How to Install IPA Files on iPhone without Jailbreak

How to Install IPA Files on iPhone without Jailbreak

Do you know you can sideload applications on iOS? Yeah, like Android users do with APK files!

Yes, it is possible. Most people jailbreak the device solely for the sake of sideloading applications. But you don’t have to do it as there is a way to do it without the jailbreak.

I hope you know what an IPA file is. Simply, put it is what APK to Android. Or, IPA is the application package file.
In this article, I am going to walk you through the entire process needed to install IPA files on your iPhone.

Install IPA Files on iPhone without Jailbreak

  • The process is nothing complicated. Just follow the steps given below. At the end, you will find yourself easily sideloading the apps you want.
  • We are going to install IPA files using the help of a computer. You can use your Mac as well. We need a tool called Cydia Impactor here. So, download the software first. Just visit this link and choose the appropriate version for you.
  • Just in the case of any software, you need to install it. If you are a Mac user, you can simply proceed to the installation by opening the downloaded file. But for Windows and Linux, what you get is a zipped file. You should extract it to get the installer. The installation is similar to that of any tool.
  • Once you finish the installation, connect your iOS device to your computer or Mac. After connecting the device to your computer (or Mac, whatever you use), you have to open the installed software (Cydia Impactor). Make sure that you have connected your device properly to the computer.
  • The next step is downloading the IPA file of the application you want to install. There are many IPA file sites available on the web. In case you are confused, start with the following site.

Download IPA Files

In case you have downloaded IPA files on your phone, don’t forget to transfer them to the computer. Now, open Cydia Impactor. Drag the IPA file and drop it to the software interface.

You will be asked to enter your Apple ID and password to sign the application. Just do it.

It may take a while to complete the installation of the app. Once it finishes things off, you can use the app without any issues.
N.B.- After the installation, iOS will display ‘Untrusted Developer’ popup. If you want to remove it, follow Settings>> General>> Profile& Device management. Then, tap on your Apple ID and trust it. There you go.


Do you have any doubt? Did you try installing any IPA file using the method given below?
If you have any doubt or issue with the method, don’t forget to let me know about it in the comment section below. I will try my best to come up with a working solution at the earliest.

AppAddict Repo Source – Download and Install Guide

AppAddict Repo Source – Download and Install Guide

There are millions of Cydia sources out there for tweaking your iPhone. Since there are 1000’s of repo’s available; it is going to be a tough task for any rookies out there for selecting the best Cydia repo sources. Today we are here with a task to point out the most downloaded and used Cydia repo. AppAddict, the name may not ring a bell to you, but it will strike when I start explaining about AppAddict’s uses and features. Like many other repo sources, AppAddict will also have you to download millions of paid applications which are available on Appstore. Hardworking developers are the reason why I listed AppAddict into my list of best Cydia repo sources.

Appaddict download

Are you struggling on how to download AppAddict repo source from Cydia? If yes, this article we will give you a hands-on guide to the download procedure. Before heading straight into the guide, make sure you own a jailbroken iPhone. If not, it is impossible to download AppAddict to your iOS device. I won’t recommend jailbreaking your phone for installing Appaddict repo as there is some amount of risk involved in the process.

Download AppAddict Repo Cydia Source

Since installous, developers were busy trying to come up with something which was useful as Installous. AppAddict was released last year. Within a short span of time, they gained popularity and trust among Cydia users. Let’s now check the complete procedure for installing AppAddict.

To download AppAddict apps onto your iOS device, we need to add AppAddict repo to Cydia.

  1. Launch “Cydia” on your device
  2. Click on sources.
  3.  Click on “Edit” followed by clicking “Add“.
  4. You will get a popup with a URL field, Enter “” and tap on add.1
  5. It will take a while for Cydia to download the content.
  6. After downloading, tap on the repo and browse it contents.
  7. If you haven’t installed AppSync then search for it and install.
  8. Next, search for “AppAddict” and install it.
  9. You may need to restart your device after installing AppAddict on your device.

Do drop your comments under the comment section for clearing your doubts. Subscribe us and stay tuned for further updates on Cydia Sources.

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Screen on iOS?

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Screen on iOS?

Losing an iPhone is a terrible event. Given that you have spent a hefty amount on the device, it would be one hell of a loss. What if you find someone else’s iPhone?

You must return it. But how can you locate the owner’s details when the phone is locked? You can’t get access to any of the data inside the phone no matter how hard you try or restart it.

For that, you have to bypass the iCloud activation screen. That’s exactly what we are going to deal with, in this article.

iPhone bypass icloud activation

How to Skip iCloud Activation Screen in iOS?

Once you get to know the technique, you may wrinkle your forehead because the method is simple and straightforward.

Without further ado, let’s get into it. Follow the steps given below.

  • When you have the device in your hand, what you see is the activation screen. Press the home button and then choose WiFi settings.
  • Can you see an ‘i’ symbol next to the WiFi icon? Just tap on the same to jump to the next step we should go through.
  • Along with multiple options, you get a field with DNS label. What we are going to do is changing the DNS server address to trick the device.
  • You must provide appropriate entry there. Check the list given below to pick the right one for you.
    USA/ North America-
    And, the rest of the world-
  • Now tap on the back button and choose done. You will see an Activation Help button. Tapping on it will display a message stating ‘You have successfully connected to my server’ on the screen. When you see the message, you should know that it won’t be impossible for you to access the details on the phone now. The menu placed on the top-right can be used to access Media, Audio, Games, etc.

What if you don’t like this method? Is there any alternative way to bypass iCloud activation screen? Yes, there is.

Alternative Way to bypass iCloud Activation

Before we begin, I want you to know that you should spend a few dimes here. We are going to use a third-party service.

  • Visit Official iPhone Unlock website. And, choose iCloud unlock from the left sidebar there.
  • You have to choose the model and IMEI number of your iPhone. And then, you should pay about £19.99.Once you complete the two steps given above, they will unlock the iCloud account within three days.

Wrapping Up

You have got two ways for skipping the iCloud activation screen on iPhone or iPad. If you want a temporary free method, you can go with the first one. The second unlocking method is forever. You won’t ever get locked out of the phone without access. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and followers on social media. And, I welcome your doubts in the comment section.

Download and Use GameGem to Hack Sim City

Download and Use GameGem to Hack Sim City

Are you Low in energy or coins for playing the next level or next try of your favorite game? Brace yourself; we are about to do the magical spell of hacking your favorite iOS games. Surprised, huh! Yes, we are talking about a Cydia app which could do all the functions mentioned above with ease.  Gamegem for ios is a Cydia application which helps you to hack many games on iOS. Gamegem was tested and found working flawlessly on games like Sim city where you have to do the same things every day. Well, let’s now check out how to download and use Gamegem for iOS 10/9/8 enabled devices.

For installing gamegem on your device, make sure you have the below mentioned features or apps on your iOS device.

  • A jailbroken iPhone or iPad for installing gamegem
  • Cydia App enabled device.
  • Big Boss repo.

How to Download Gamegem on iPhone/iPad

  • Open Cydia on your iPhone or iPad, Search for Bigboss repo
  • Now search for ‘GameGem‘ on big boss repo
  • Download and Install it
  • You are done, now you can hack your favorite iOS games using this app.

How to Use Gamegem SimCity Built it Hack?

Gamegem can be used to hack Simcity Builtit by manipulating the items inside the game. Gamegem can also be used in many other iOS games too. Sim city is mentioned to show how it work.

  • Open Simcity builtit in your iPhone or iPad and check the item which you want to manipulate.
  • Open Game gem dashboard while running Simcity in the background.
  • Click on list and select the game which you want to hack (SimCity Buildit in our case)
  • Open the game and note the number of gems, money, Simcity Simoleons.
  • Go to GameGem and input that number and if the search results show too many results, buy/sell some items from the game and change that number to some other number
  • Enter that into the input search again and very fewer results will be found.
  • Click on the second list button and select all entries, click ‘Modify‘ and enter your desired number of items.

I hope you’ll loved reading the article on how to download gamegem. Subscribe us and stay tuned with us for getting more latest updates on Cydia and iPhone Jailbreak.

Download Jetflicks TV for iPhone

Download Jetflicks TV for iPhone

Jetflicks, quite an unusual name for any iOS users, but the majority may have heard about Roku from Apple, Yes I’m saying about the very same streaming device released by Apple. If yes, then you have to read, listen, and download the all new Jetflicks app for iPhone. Before getting started let me bore you for a while with a brief introduction of Jetflicks.  What is Jetflicks and Why would you download it?

jetflicks for iphone

What is Jetflicks for iPhone?

Jetflicks is a TV streaming application which enables to stream your favorite TV shows and channels on your Phone which is connected to a 3G/4G internet connection. Surprisingly Jetflicks has got the best streaming quality available for any phones under 3G internet connection.

Jetflicks is a tv streaming app just like Amazon Prime and Netflix. But there are certain features which make this small app stand out from the crowd. Jetflicks have the unlimited streaming option, i.e., it won’t charge you a penny for every stream which is available on their platform. Over 350 tv shows which includes your favorite shows like Breaking Bad, Dexter, PrBreakand much more.

Jetflicks Plans and Services

Jetflicks have a pay per subscription service. The subscription service is available at different prices. Another important thing about this streaming app is that you can cancel the subscription anytime by contacting the developers over the email.

You will be required to sign up for any of the plans mentioned below for using jet flicks. Jetflicks plans are way cheaper than Netflix or any other existing streaming app.

$9.99 Monthly
$19.99 Quarterly
$29.99 Semi-Annually
$49.99 Annually

Jetflicks is also compatible with Chromecast, Roku and other hardware. Before writing any kind of negative reviews against Jetflicks, please take some time to shoot a mail to their customer service. I’m sure they gonna take it seriously.

Jetflick is supported in almost all versions of Android, Windows, and iOS. Make sure you have an OS released somewhere after 2013. Say goodbye to Amazon Prime, Netflix, and other streaming applications and say hai to Jetflicks.

Use the link given below for downloading Jetflicks for iPhone.


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Appshed iFile Download for iOS 10+/9+/8+ Without Jailbreak

Appshed iFile Download for iOS 10+/9+/8+ Without Jailbreak

If you were an Android user who recently switched over to iPhone, you might be worrying about the unavailability of an efficient file explorer like ES in Android phones. Unfortunately, iPhone doesn’t have a state of the art explorer for moving, deleting and browsing files. However, A bunch of iOS developers has successfully developed an app which could easily do all the functions mentioned above efficiently. This third part app,  Appshed iFile organizer helps us to browse, delete, move and explorer files from their location.

In a jailbroken iPhone, you just have to download a software named “Cydia”. Cydia source is a software which enables users to download and install various useful software packages on iOS enabled devices. If you own a jailbroken iOS device, just search for “ifile organizer” on Cydia.

Appshed iFile Organizer App Information:

  • Size: 13.77 MB
  • Compatible iOS Versions: iOS 10+/9+/8+/7+
  • Compatible iDevices: iPhone 7, iPhone 7s, iPhone 7+, iPhone 7s+, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 4S, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini, iPod Touch.

Apple Appstore won’t have this third party software under their hood. Since iOS is not available for customization, it is almost impossible for making a third-party app work on normal iOS devices. To install the software, you have to jailbreak your iPhone or iOS device.

Always jailbreak your iOS devices at your risk. Jailbreaking may put your phone’s warranty, software, and hardware at immense risk. There are many applications available online for jailbreaking any iOS devices, we in here have already shared a list of most commonly used Cydia sources for jailbreaking. Let’s now have a look at some of the unique features of App shed iFile organizer for iOS devices.

Features of iFile Organizer

As of now, the iFile organizer is the only working file manager available on iOS devices. So you have to compromise the with the app if there is any bugs in it. In here we will be listing out some of the unique features of iFile Organizer.

  • iFile organizer stores all relevant data and notifications safely. You can easily access the files from the location without any problem.
  • With iFile you can add videos, save videos, ringtones. It will be a lot easier to access protected data with appshed iFile organizer.
  • With the help of iFile organizer, you can easily cut, copy, paste, compress and decompress files. It will unleash your iOS devices to their full power.

How to Download and install appshed iFile Organiser without Jailbreak?

  1. Open up your safari browser and type
  2. You will be directed to the download page, download the application to your iOS device. Soon after downloading the application, install it on your device.
  3. Since your iOS device isn’t jailbroken, you have to do a small trick for getting it work. Go to “settings” and change the date of your iPhone to a month before. For instance, if today is 11th Jan 2016, you need to make it 11th Dec 2015. You need to do this before the installation procedure.
  4. After the download is complete now revert back the date on your iOS device.
  5. Go to your home screen you will find the iFile icon on it.  Tap on it for customizing your iPhone or iOS device.

There you go, you have successfully installed iFile organizer on your iOS device. Subscribe us and stay tuned for getting latest updates and news on CYDIA.

TUTUAPP APK Free Download for Android and iOS

TUTUAPP APK Free Download for Android and iOS

Cydia master has already shared several tricks for downloading and using paid apps in iOS. Since the blog is exclusively for iOS; you won’t find all tricks and tweaks about Android operating system. We at Cydia Master doesn’t hate Android OS. Well, the stage is all set for something different. In here we will be sharing an app which enables users to download paid applications for both Android and iOS. TUTUAPP, the name may not familiar for all as it is launched recently on both platforms. This article discusses the features, capability, and trustability of TUTU App.

Tutuapp, better-known as ” Bunny Assistant.” The app gained its nickname from its cute logo. With the help of tutu, you can download all latest paid hacks and coins of Pokemon Go, that too without the use of Cydia Impactor. Chinese programmers developed TUTU with the vision of download paid apps for free. The only issue you may find while downloading tutu app will be the weird official page which is in the Chinese language. Well, there are many translators available online for doing the translation. Google translator is the best one at work right now.

TUTU APP Android and iOS Features

I know the excitement of downloading TUTU app on your Android or iOS enabled smartphones. There are certain things which make Tutu different from other similar applications; please read it out before downloading tutu. Getting an insight into the features may help in exploiting the full potential of the application. We are listing down some of the features which make tutu unique from counterparts.

  • First and foremost thing which makes tutu unique is its user interface. Even a small kid could operate the application quickly without any distress. There are numerous apps like the tutu for downloading paid apps which are available on Play store and App store, but none of them works efficiently as Tutu.
  • Cleaning expert is another unique feature which you cannot find in any other counterparts. Cleaning expert does the job of CCleaner; it speeds up your ram and operating system.
  • Tutu is a multi-purpose app, i.e., in addition to cleaning expert and downloading paid app feature, it also helps you to transfer files of any size easily between two smartphones. You don’t have to worry about Xender or Share it if you have tutu app on your phone. Another notable thing about tutu is its transfer speed which is better than Share it and Xender.
  • Last but not the least, Toolbox feature of tutu app requires an applause. Tutu toolbox fixes all the bugs, errors and issues of your smartphone.

These are some of the best-known reasons to have the tutu on your smartphone. Since it is a multi-purpose app; you could delete few other apps which serve the same purpose.

Steps to Download TUTUAPP on Android and iOS

Tutuapp is not available for download on Google play store and app store. So, you have to download it from the official website which is in Chinese. Since it does tricks and tweaks on your OS, you have to grant some permissions for a hassle free operation. Before downloading TUTUAPP, make sure you have done the following steps.

  • Head over to the settings menu of your Android phone.
  • Look for security option in your settings menu.
  • Tap on the security option and scroll down until you find unknown sources.
  • Tap on the enable option.

If you have done, the following steps as mentioned. Head over the official website or use the link given here for downloading. Make sure you have enabled GOOGLE TRANSLATOR before heading over to the official website. Once the installation is over, you can open up the app and start enjoying the features mentioned. If you get any error while installing Tutu app, just redownload it.

Download TUTU APP APP STORE – iOS Users

To use Tutu app on your iOS enabled smartphone, make sure you have the latest os update with you or at least make sure your phone runs on iOS 9 or higher versions. One interesting thing about TUTUAPP for ios is that it doesn’t need a jailbroken phones for downloading and using the app.  Follow the steps mentioned below for downloading TUTUAPP on iOS devices.

  • Open the official website on Safari browser.
  • Once you are on the official website, you will now see three green buttons, just click on the middle button for downloading tutu app.
  • You will be asked whether to download the app. Tap on yes for continuing the downloading process.
  • Now after downloading the application, you have to install it right. Before the installation process. Please head over to the settings > General Settings > Profiles.
  • In the profile section, you will find a profile with Tutu as its profile name. Just tap on it and press Trust Tutu for hassle free installation and operation.
  • Now continue the installation process. Once you have installed the application, you can easily download any paid apps available on Apple App store.

Features of TUTUAPP For iOS

Now, let’s head over the feature of tutu app for iOS devices.

  • Tutu for ios is pretty straightforward and lightweight compared to the android version. The user interface is simple as cutting a piece of cake. An inexperienced iOS user will provide full marks for its clutterless interface.
  • Tutuapp helps to manage several things like calendar, contacts, battery and much more.
  • Tutu for iOS will only work on newer versions, i.e iOS 9.0 and above.
  • There is a separate version of the app available for jailbroken iOS devices.
  • Tutu cleans up the ram memory, junk files and also boost your system.
  • It downloads all apps and game at free of cost.

I hope you all loved reading our tutorial on Tutuapp. If are stuck at some point of the installation procedure, feel free to share your problems with us. We will try our best to clear all your doubts and questions. The comment section of Cydia master is always open for sharing opinions. Make use of this platform for getting better outreach.  Subscribe us for getting latest news and tweaks on Cydia sources.