Best VPN Apps for iOS 10 To Unblock Wifi Restirctions :)

best vpn apps for ios
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Have you ever thought of utilizing the full potential of Internet which we see and use? If no, then here is the road map to do it. “VPN”, many reading this article may have heard or known about this earlier. But how far do you know? Have you ever used one on your iOS device? If no, this article is for you. Before getting deep into the topic, let me give you a brief idea of what a VPN is and how does it work.

So what is a VPN? VPN is Virtual Proxy Network which enables users to browse blocked/ private websites without much mess. VPN is ready to use software which doesn’t require any prior coding knowledge. It could even be used a  high school student.

So, Are you in a dilemma in choosing the best VPN for your iOS device? If yes then here we have a list of top 5 most downloaded VPN apps for iPhones.

best vpn apps for ios

Best VPN Apps for iOS To Unblock WiFi Restrictions


A list of best VPN apps for iOS without IPVanish is unimaginable. IPVanish not only provides you with a friendly environment but also protects you from authorities and hackers. IPVanish VPN services act a formidable wall between you and hackers. IPVanish is a bit costly considering the price of its counterparts. You can avail any one of the plans listed.

Express VPN

Express VPN hides your IP address from intruders and helps you to stay safe online. It has got a different 256-bit encryption for data. The data encryption technique used by Express VPN is quite similar to that of US Federal government. As of now, it is considered to be the best VPN which when classified according to security features. Nevertheless, it is still way cheaper than IPVanish.

Nord VPN

Nord VPN considers data security as an incumbent task assigned to them. Hence, your data is protected with double encryption which takes a toll on data hackers. Servers of Nord works at lightning speed. The unique feature which makes Nord VPN stand in the limelight is its multiple connectivities. Irrespective of Operating Systems, Nord VPN can be easily connected to more than two devices.


Another VPN service which boasts upon its server speed. Faster connection to safer VPN is the motto of SaferVPN. So far SaferVPN has been loyal to their main aim. In addition to safer and faster VPN services it also provides data encryption.24X7 dedicated customer service is one of the main reason why it is frequently listed among the best VPN services.

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