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Download Houdini Jailbreak for iOS 10.xx

Download Houdini Jailbreak for iOS 10.xx

As of now, there is isn’t any stable and fully functioning jailbreak available for iOS 10.xx users. Well, things got changed a little recently. There is something to cheer for every iOS 10 users who were waiting for an update. Saigon developer Abraham Masri has come forward with a tool named Houdini that brings a jailbreak experience to iOS 10 devices. As of now, it is the most stable jailbreak available for iOS devices running iOS 10.xx versions. In this article, we will discuss How to download and Install Houdini jailbreak and its unique features in depth. Like any other jailbreak, Houdini Jailbreak enables users to customize his/her iOS devices running on iOS 10.xx.


The tool currently runs only on iOS 10 – iOS 10.3.2.  Masri has published a detailed Reddit post to explain how it works. Houdini doesn’t install Cydia, it installs its own app manager for getting a jailbreak feel. Let’s now check out the compatibility of Houdini.

Houdini device compatibility 
Houdini works well with following devices which run on 10.xx iOS versions.

iPhone x ,iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus,Phone 7 & 7 Plus, iPhone 6S & 6S Plus, iPhone 6 & 6 Plus, iPhone SE / iPhone 5s/ iPod Touch 6G iPad Mini 2 / iPad / Mini 3 / iPad Mini 4/iPad Air /iPad Air 2 /iPad Pro

Houdini is expected do so many awesome customisations on your iOS devices. Here is the list of cool things you can do with Houdini.

  1. Theme user-installed apps
  2. Hide/rename user-installed apps’ labels
  3. Add Cydia sources and install themes
  4. Clean all apps cache
  5. Change device’s display resolution
  6. Hide/rename 3D Touch icons’ shortcuts.
  7. Edit Siri’s suggestions list
  8. Theme passcode keypad (iOS 11 style or custom pictures)
  9. Colorize and resize icon badges.
  10. Theme Control center icons and sliders
  11. Theme Lock Screen ‘Music Control’ icons

As of now, Houdini is still in its beta phase. A full version of Houdini will be released after fixing all the reported glitches.  Before getting into installation procedures, it is extremely important to have a look at following previous posts.

Houdini Jailbreak Installation Guide

Houdini is not available freely on the internet, it can only be downloaded through zjailbreak. zjailbreak is a third party download manager which have a list of Cydia tools and repos. Follow the steps mentioned below for having a clean install of Houdini.

  • Open zJailbreak and find Houdini from a list of repos and tweaks available for download.
  • Enter device passcode for proceeding to the next step of installation. Ignore this step, if there isn’t any passcode.
  • Tap on install button and wait until the installation process to complete. Click on done.
  • Now open Settings > General > Profile and device management and tap on trust.
  • Now open the application and customize at your will.

Houdini can also be installed with the help of a computer.

For installing Houdini jailbreak through a computer you will have to learn how to install .ipa files on your iOS device with the help of a computer. Following the steps mentioned for installing Houdini jailbreak through PC or Laptop.

  • Download Houdini.ipa file on your computer. Click here to download.
  • Connect your iOS device to your computer through lightening cable.
  • Download Cydia Impactor.
  • Open cydia impactor on your PC. Now drag and drop Houdini.ipa file on to it.
  • Enter your Apple id and passcode to continue.
  • Wait till, Cydia impactor installs Houdini.ipa onto your iOS device.
  • Once the installation is complete, tap on the icon for customising your iOS device.

Benefits of Houdini Semi Jailbreak

It takes a lot of time and energy for installing a jailbreak. It requires changing of device settings  ( disabling of Touch ID, Passcodes, Airplane mode, iTunes, and several other features). Semi Jailbreak doesn’t need any kind of disabling of services.

Some jailbreaks are released for specific operating systems meanwhile semi jailbreak can be done irrespective of operating systems.

Some jailbreak tools are not compatible with over the air firmware upgrade.

These are some features which make Houdini stand out from the rest.

I hope you all loved reading the article,  Please do drop your comments and doubts regarding the installation process or any other details about Houdini Jailbreak. We are very much happy to help our readers. Subscribe us and stay tuned to us for getting latest updates on Cydia tweaks, iOS devices, and upgrades.

BOTIM Free Call APP – Alternative for Skype in UAE

BOTIM Free Call APP – Alternative for Skype in UAE

Microsoft owned Skype which is one of the widely used Voice over internet application got banned in the United Arab Emirates for providing unlicensed VOIP services. Skype used the internet to connect PC, Laptop, Mobiles, and tablets. Skype with their VOIP services has been challenging many telecom giants over the years.

According to Khaleej Times

“The access to the Skype app is blocked since it is providing unlicensed Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Service, which falls under the classification of prohibited contents as per the United Arab Emirates’ Regulatory Framework,” Etisalat said earlier this week”

The banning of Skype has caused many expatriates to take up costly telecom plans for calling their families abroad.  Few have started looking for Skype alternatives in UAE. For them, we have compiled a list of apps and software which do act as an alternative to skype in the United Arab Emirates.

Alternatives for Skype in the United Arab Emirates

For those who are searching for working alternatives of Skype, here is the list of top 3 apps which works well on iOS and Android.  Skype has been banned due to unlicensed voice over internet protocol services.  The nations two telecom giants Etisalat and Du ARE are providing unlimited calling services through BOTIM and C’Me with a small charge.

With Skype being out of the picture, many of the telcos have started luring customers with exciting offers. BOTIM is one such.

BOTIM – Unlimited Free Call App

BOTIM is one of the most searched apps in after the recent ban on Skype. Etisalat has recommended BOTIM, it is a free to download app available on both Playstore and APP Store. BOTIM provides unlimited calling opportunity with a small subscription fee. BOTIM charges around AED 50 and AED 100 depending on your connection ( mobile and Home)


Botim does not need any VPN for getting started, and it is 100% legal to use BOTIM in UAE. Now let’s check out the features of Botim.

Features of BOTIM

  • Botim supports all type of network connections, i.e it can run on 4G,3G,2G and wired connections. In Dubai, the application works perfectly on Etisalat and Du.
  • Botim free call app uses encryption to transmit data, that means your conversations are totally safe.
  • The botim application works across the world. Botim user base in UAE will increase tremendously after the ban on Skype.
  • Botim app is pretty much similar to that of Whatsapp. Botim allows users to create groups like in WhatsApp. This feature improves its usability.

Download BOTIM App – Android

Download BOTIM App – iOS

C’Me – Voice and Video Calls

This is one another app recommended by Etisalat and DU. C’Me enables you to make voice and video calls. This application also comes with a small subscription rate. Here is how you can subscribe to the services provided by both applications.

I hope you all loved reading the article, Please don’t mind to share your concerns with us. Subscribe us and stay tuned for further updates on iOS.

Doulci Activator 2017 Free Download with Username and Password

Doulci Activator 2017 Free Download with Username and Password

Before getting started, let’s roll back a little? I hope you guys remember the large-scale breach of iCloud storage files of celebrities. It was a clear indication that, nothing is safe on the Internet. In today, we are going to tear out the good old belief of Apple = Safety. Well, it was safe in 2010 but not anymore.  Are you in search of how to unlock or bypass iCloud safety feature or how to get back your bricked iOS device? Doulci Activator is the answer to the million dollar question. Dolci Activator is one such software which claims to bypass any kind of iCloud security features and it is also believed to activate your bricked iOS device. Interesting ain’t it?


So, What is Doulci Activator?

Weird name right? Well, then get used to it. Doulci is the only software available on internet which is believed to be the solution of the iCloud bypass. Doulci is a free to download tool which enables you to bypass the much named iCloud security on any Apple devices. You name it, Doulci will break it for you. Doulci Activator doesn’t require any kind of username and passwords for getting the process done, apart from that. Doulci is compatible with both Windows and Linux operating systems. Don’t you want to learn how to use doulci activator?

How to bypass iCloud Security with Doulci Activator?

  • Download Doulci server files through the link provided here. Install the files on your web server.
  • Unrar the files. Once done,  you will see a file named as: download doulci iCloud unlock tool. Click on it for initiating the installation process. The installation on the web server is quite easy. You just need to install the script on a local server and then edit your host’s file.
  • Now connect your Apple device through the lightning cable to your PC or laptop.
  • Wait for few minutes till the process gets done. Viola ! Doulci have now successfully broken your iPhone’s iCloud security.

Doulci Activator Username and Password – Activation Code Download

If you want to use Doulci Activator for multiple times, then you got to buy the stuff or else you have to use any of the Activation codes mentioned below.

  • facacde84zrocst9ftj57ohm
  • 2a8euuooa7opdpyyg7c75ck7
  • h9672c39myi8mi3ah2aad7vz
  • j3xi6b5bjdqm53xvrkgigz2m
  • y699bpi8xuewf5ter8d2xs92
  • b4226wuocnfdjs4n33j7n4tx
  • crayz9o4zsn9ufba2rcqt2r5
  • sq3pjsw56vy62d6h4n437onp
  • hnkhkyec39h7zujbadfkxqvb
  • tmeei9ssiiog5kmxxxn4icyr
  • ErC6OsufQDalvR6Mv86sXinNaEnIjD
  • 48YJlRngbNnQAndRj58whfgjc1oCXQ
  • pw8SZceXr3t72lgpBUrgHlF5B4ui3S
  • HSqPR3v2RCfdUN5ihLlNBXdBXb08uk

Make sure you use this software to bypass your own iPhone. If you have found this article useful, please do share it with your friends who are struggling to bypass iCloud security. Feel free to share your doubts and concerns with us.