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Download and Use GameGem to Hack Sim City

GameGem Download
Written by John Stokes

Are you Low in energy or coins for playing the next level or next try of your favorite game? Brace yourself; we are about to do the magical spell of hacking your favorite iOS games. Surprised, huh! Yes, we are talking about a Cydia app which could do all the functions mentioned above with ease.  Gamegem for ios is a Cydia application which helps you to hack many games on iOS. Gamegem was tested and found working flawlessly on games like Sim city where you have to do the same things every day. Well, let’s now check out how to download and use Gamegem for iOS 10/9/8 enabled devices.

For installing gamegem on your device, make sure you have the below mentioned features or apps on your iOS device.

  • A jailbroken iPhone or iPad for installing gamegem
  • Cydia App enabled device.
  • Big Boss repo.

How to Download Gamegem on iPhone/iPad

  • Open Cydia on your iPhone or iPad, Search for Bigboss repo
  • Now search for ‘GameGem‘ on big boss repo
  • Download and Install it
  • You are done, now you can hack your favorite iOS games using this app.

How to Use Gamegem SimCity Built it Hack?

Gamegem can be used to hack Simcity Builtit by manipulating the items inside the game. Gamegem can also be used in many other iOS games too. Sim city is mentioned to show how it work.

  • Open Simcity builtit in your iPhone or iPad and check the item which you want to manipulate.
  • Open Game gem dashboard while running Simcity in the background.
  • Click on list and select the game which you want to hack (SimCity Buildit in our case)
  • Open the game and note the number of gems, money, Simcity Simoleons.
  • Go to GameGem and input that number and if the search results show too many results, buy/sell some items from the game and change that number to some other number
  • Enter that into the input search again and very fewer results will be found.
  • Click on the second list button and select all entries, click ‘Modify‘ and enter your desired number of items.

I hope you’ll loved reading the article on how to download gamegem. Subscribe us and stay tuned with us for getting more latest updates on Cydia and iPhone Jailbreak.

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