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NDS4iOS 10.1 – Play Nintendo Games Without Jailbreak

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Written by John Stokes

While going through my emails, I came to a bunch of requests for writing a focused article on how to play Nintendo or Playstation games on iPhones and iPad. NDS4iOs is an emulator which enables you to play Nintendo and PlayStation games on your iPhone without jailbreak. In here, I will give you a quick guide on how to install NDS4iOS with ease i.e without any Cydia tools. Nintendo emulator is exclusively available for ios 10.1.1 and all other firmware. Well, let’s get started. Here is the complete guide for downloading and installing NDS4iOS.

Download and Install Nintendo DS Emulator iOS 10.1

  1. Use Safari browser or any other browser for getting into the iOSEmus website .
  2. Enter into iOSEmus website by entering http://iosem.us/app/install/nds.html or just by clicking here
  3. Your iPhone would ask for a confirmation for confirming you must tap on the okay button or yes button in order to successfully install NDS4iOS.

In order to confirm the installation, you have to  verify your emulator profile from settings app.

Nintendo DS ROMs are available widely on the web which can be installed very easily. You can search for compatible ROMs on Google and download them for free.

You’d need iTunes to put compatible NDS ROMs to the proper directly on your iPhone before successful installation of Nintendo DS Emulator ROMs.

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