How to Add Insanelyi Repo – A Complete Guide

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Written by John Stokes

Have you been following us for a while? If so, I’m sure you are no stranger to the jailbreak scene. Then, there is a high chance of you knowing about Insanelyi Repo. If, not, there is nothing to be worried about it. We in here will be cracking down the Insanelyi repo right from the top to bottom. So stay tuned with us till the end of this article, it’s going to be a long journey from now. So, What is Insanelyi app and why is it so important to know?

If you ended up here without prior knowledge on Jailbreak and other cool kinds of stuff, then it is highly advised to go through our previous articles on this blog for getting an overview of the process.  Insanelyi repo has the reputation of one of the most downloaded Cydia repos in 2017. The repo has earned the title with its lucid and easiness to work with Cydia Sources.  If you aren’t aware of Insanelyi repo, I guess you will get to know the reasons to check out this repo.

iPhone and iPad users who are looking to customise their devices will love adding Insanelyi repo because of its huge collection of themes. It houses some of the finest themes like Dreamboard and Winterboard.

Features of Insanelyi Repo – What makes this Repo Unique

Have you ever thought why Insanelyi is a highly celebrated repo?  Well, I am going to come up with few reasons why it is considered among the best Cydia repos. Insanelyi provides users with a bunch of apps ( which are paid ) and tweaks for free to use ( no hidden charges or so).

  • Insanelyi has been in the business for a long time, and they are not going to charge their users anytime soon. So, Insanelyi stands out from rest of the repos.
  • Insanelyi is mainly based on customisation and changing UI. And it is has stayed true to their aim till date.

How to Add Insanelyi Repo to Cydia Sources?

If you aren’t aware of adding  IPA files into Cydia sources, I insist you to read our previous articles on it.

  • For adding Insanelyi to Cydia source, you have to have a jailbroken iOS device. If you are a rookie and doesn’t know how to jailbreak your system, please read our previous articles on this blog.
  • While in Cydia’s Home screen, tap the Manage tab and on the next screen, tap Sources.
  • Now, tap the Edit button at the top right, and click on the Add button on the top left of the screen. Once asked for the Cydia/APT URL enter the following Insanelyi Source Address:
  • Click on Add Source and Add Anyway. Now, you should have successfully added the Insanelyi repo to Cydia Repository.

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