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jetflicks for iphone
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Jetflicks, quite an unusual name for any iOS users, but the majority may have heard about Roku from Apple, Yes I’m saying about the very same streaming device released by Apple. If yes, then you have to read, listen, and download the all new Jetflicks app for iPhone. Before getting started let me bore you for a while with a brief introduction of Jetflicks. ¬†What is Jetflicks and Why would you download it?

jetflicks for iphone

What is Jetflicks for iPhone?

Jetflicks is a TV streaming application which enables to stream your favorite TV shows and channels on your Phone which is connected to a 3G/4G internet connection. Surprisingly Jetflicks has got the best streaming quality available for any phones under 3G internet connection.

Jetflicks is a tv streaming app just like Amazon Prime and Netflix. But there are certain features which make this small app stand out from the crowd. Jetflicks have the unlimited streaming option, i.e., it won’t charge you a penny for every stream which is available on their platform. Over 350 tv shows which includes your favorite shows like Breaking Bad, Dexter, PrBreakand much more.

Jetflicks Plans and Services

Jetflicks have a pay per subscription service. The subscription service is available at different prices. Another important thing about this streaming app is that you can cancel the subscription anytime by contacting the developers over the email.

You will be required to sign up for any of the plans mentioned below for using jet flicks. Jetflicks plans are way cheaper than Netflix or any other existing streaming app.

$9.99 Monthly
$19.99 Quarterly
$29.99 Semi-Annually
$49.99 Annually

Jetflicks is also compatible with Chromecast, Roku and other hardware. Before writing any kind of negative reviews against Jetflicks, please take some time to shoot a mail to their customer service. I’m sure they gonna take it seriously.

Jetflick is supported in almost all versions of Android, Windows, and iOS. Make sure you have an OS released somewhere after 2013. Say goodbye to Amazon Prime, Netflix, and other streaming applications and say hai to Jetflicks.

Use the link given below for downloading Jetflicks for iPhone.


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