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LocaliAPstore for iOS 10.1.1 – Purchase for Free

Are you interested in downloading favorite apps for free? Yes, you heard it right!. Well, the next question which wanders in your mind would be, How could I possibly do it? Answers to all your questions will be cleared towards the end of this article. Keep reading for knowing how to purchase paid apps on iPhone for free.


LocaliAPstore is an ios app which bypasses the payment page and helps you in downloading the app for free. There are thousands of apps, sources, and tweaks available for a jailbroken iPhone. LocaliAPstore works as an alternative for iAPcrazy and iAPcracker. Most of the popular ios applications are available at a price, so most of them look for an alternative to getting those products for free. It is the main reason behind jailbroken iPhones.

How to get LocaliAPstore for iOS 10.1.1?

LocaliAPstore is a plug and plays type app for using paid applications in iOS app store for free. For installing LocaliAPstore, you need to have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad. LocaliAPstore runs on a Cydia tweak. Before downloading your favorite app make sure you run LocaliAPstore in the background. LocaliAPstore in the background redirects the application page to the installation directly.

  • For getting LocaliAPstore working, you need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad. You can jailbreak your iOS 10.1.1 using Pangu or qwertyuiop jailbreak.
  • Now add any Cydia repo for downloading and installing LocaliAPstore.
  • After installing the application, you may search “LocaliAPstore” in Cydia using the repo. Install the result on your iPhone or iPad.

There are several other apps like LocaliAPstore, which helps you in downloading apps for free. LocaliAPstore may not work for everyone as each account is connected to different Apple servers. In such cases, make sure you have a backup of apps like LocaliAPstore.

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